Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid

  • Exfoliates the Skin*
  • May Help with Breakouts*
  • May Help Control Oily Skin*


Salicylic acid is most commonly found in anti-acne products or oil control products. In peer-reviewed studies, salicylic acid has been shown to help loosen dry scaly skin, increasing cell turnover and effectively renewing the skin. It may help to cleanse and treat blocked pores.*


We recommend:

Tea Tree Oil

Witch Hazel

All may help reduce the appearance of breakouts and excess oil on the skin*


There are currently 3,170 studies on Salicylic Acid in Skincare.

Salicylic acid derivatives: synthesis, features and usage as therapeutic tools

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… disclosed a skincare composition suitable for topical application to the skin [83 … In modern times,
aspirin, an acetylated derivative of salicylic acid, has been widely admin- istered as an
anti-inflammatory … Other salicylic acids have also emerged with excellent medicinal applications …

Randomized trial comparing a chemical peel containing a lipophilic hydroxy acid derivative of salicylic acid with a salicylic acid peel in subjects with comedonal acne

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… period after Day 0 where subjects had to use the following facial skin care products: nonfoaming
cleanser (Toleriane Dermo‐cleanser; LRP), dermatological skincare product (Biomedic … form of
each peel at Day 14 (Baseline) (LHA 5% and salicylic acid 20%) and the …

Randomized study comparing the efficacy and tolerance of a lipophillic hydroxy acid derivative of salicylic acid and 5% benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of facial acne …

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