Licorice Root


  • Brightens the Skin*
  • May Help Improve the Appearance of Sunspots*
  • May Help to Improve Uneven Pigmentation*


Licorice root extract contains glycyrrhizinate, a potent antioxidant. Licorice has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to be anti-inflammatory and to help prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


We recommend:

All may help reduce the appearance of sunspots and uneven pigmentation on the skin*


There are currently 1,030 studies on Licorice.

Main benefits and applicability of plant extracts in skin care products

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… is produced by the nature or found in nature and is directly extracted from plants … leaves, minerals,
water and land [5]. The effect of natural ingredients in skin care products depends … However, the
use of extracts requires paying special attention to the extraction methods, plant-to …

The use of botanical extracts as topical skin-lightening agents for the improvement of skin pigmentation disorders

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New treatments for restoring impaired epidermal barrier permeability: skin barrier repair creams

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… One currently marketed product contains glycyrrhetinic acid and Vitis vinifera extracts (Atopiclair,
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Topical agents used in the management of hyperpigmentation

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… The main component of the hydrophobic fraction of licorice extract is glabridin, which has an
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