• May Temporarily “Freeze” Wrinkles in Peer-Reviewed Studies*
  • May Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles*
  • May Firm the Skin*


Like Botox™, Argireline has been found to stop muscles from contracting when it is used as an injectible (International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2002). While BotoxTM needs to be injected into the skin in order to be effective, some patients get effects from topically applying Argireline in moisturizers, but some don’t.*


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All may reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin sagging*


There are currently 319 studies on Argireline.

A synthetic hexapeptide (Argireline) with antiwrinkle activity

Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) represent a revolution in cosmetic science because of their remarkable and long-lasting antiwrinkle activity. However, their high neurotoxicity seriously limits their use. Thus, there is a need to design and validate non-toxic molecules that mimic …

The study of cellular cytotoxicity of argireline-an anti-aging peptide.

Argireline is well know, innovative anti-aging product used in the cosmetic market. This short chain peptide is used as active ingredient in dermal ointment and creams. Argireline prevents formation of skin lines and wrinkles in a very similar way to the botulinum toxin …

Evaluation of the anti-wrinkle efficacy of cosmetic formulations with an anti-aging peptide (Argireline®)

The purpose of this research was to evaluate, by means of in vivo studies, the efficacy of new cosmetic active ingredients which effect of botox, called Argireline®), so that width and depth of wrinkles could be established. For this, it is prepared two formulations: an emulsion …

The anti-wrinkle efficacy of Argireline

Background: Argireline, a synthetic peptide, which is patterned from the N-terminal end of the protein SNAP-25, can both reduce the degree of existing facial wrinkles and demonstrate effectively against their development. In our past studies, we found out that …

The Peptide Argireline-The Importance of Local Application on the Skin, in the Light of Current Knowledge

Background: Argireline is an innovative neuropeptide widely applied topically on the skin. Its structure resembles the N-terminal end of the synaptic protein SNAP-25, and so inhibits the formation of SNARE complex and reduces the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine …

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